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Sports & Social Club Committee Meeting 16th January 2017

JKilroe | Published thu Nov 23, 2017 8:04 pm | 953 Views

Date - 16th January 2017

Time - 1pm

Location - Meeting room 1


Neil Blundred (NB) – CI FLM – Chairman

Paula Isteed (PI) – Stock Development Manager - Treasurer

Ruth Brown (RB) – HR Business Partner - Secretary

Pete Smith (PS) – Warehouse FLM – Vice Chairman

Marc Robinson (MR) – Hygiene Manager – Club Member


AGM to be held at 7pm on Monday 27th February 2017.

Refreshments will be made available and everyone encouraged to attend, bringing a fellow member along with them.

Meeting to take place on Wednesday 1st February 2017 @ 11am to ensure the finances are up to date and cross referenced against the bank statements.

Meeting to take place on Thursday 2nd February 2017 @ 1pm to prepare the agenda and ensure the letters inviting people along go out 


Membership Cards / Discounts

Park this until after the AGM. We need more admin resource to support with pulling this together. This could be by way of club member or the Management group who will choose Sports & Social Club as a cabinet responsibility.


Ideally looking for a current member to volunteer 1 hour a week to support with the Admin of the Club.


Schedule of Events for the rest of the year


To close 2016:



For 2017 we have:


Valentines Quiz Friday 17th February


Uttoxeter Midlands National 18th March


Darts Thursday 23rd March

Easter Prize Draw


Golf Day (May 2017, exact date TBC)

The above will cover the first 6 months – need to consider how much we have in the bank and be mindful of how much trips etc are costing us.


Ideas for the last 6 months of the year included:-

Discussion regarding asking Planning to support in facilitating colleagues with shift swaps etc to allow people to attend events – should this be clearer on comms materials.


Colleague Feedback / Induction


The slide is ready for the Colleague induction (just needs to be inserted)


Mechanism for gathering feedback to be considered (using the tablet etc)


Key objective this year is to encourage colleague participation and get people involved in supporting the running of the club. Brief to FLMs on facilitating colleagues in attending.



Currently 116 members


Auditing of the Club

RB to ask Adam who can complete this process for the club – chased up and awaiting update as we need to ensure an audit is complete asap.



Re – freshed notice board  - Should we have our photos up alongside the jobs that we complete for the club. This would raise members awareness of how and who to submit any ideas or feedback to.


Theatre Dates – Ruth to display the possible options of theatre trips and ask people to vote for the ones they would be most interested in attending. The most popular 2 will be the ones we offer, along with the panto.



Central Drive – Ruth to create a central folder on the G Drive for Sports and Social Club minutes etc so we can all access.



Date of next meeting 27th February 2017 @ 7pm (incorporated meeting with AGM)

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