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DHL Sports and Social Club   

Sports & Social Club Committee Meeting 22nd May 2017

JKilroe | Published thu Nov 23, 2017 7:57 pm | 955 Views

Date - 22nd May 2017

Time - 1pm

Location - meeting room 1


Neil Blundred (NB) – CI FLM – Chairman

Paula Isteed (PI) – Stock Development Manager - Treasurer

Ruth Brown (RB) – HR Business Partner - Secretary

Steve Mountford (SM) – Member

Finance Update

£12.71 in the cash tin


Sister Act and Grease money to bank which we will do at HSBC this week.


Total monies then in the bank will be £3292.11 with £1000 to come out for prizes for the next few months.


Membership Cards / Discounts

Discussion around the cabinet group supporting with this aspect as this is an additional benefit we can give to members and use to attract new ones.


Idea is to gather a dozen or so local discounts whereby if a membership card was presented the member could get that level of discount off.


Kev & Mel’s cabinet group to explore this further.  


NB to chase update from cabinet group in readiness for next meeting.



Schedule of Events for the rest of the year


Theatre Trips:


Sister Act – 10th May – all tickets were sold

Grease – 26th May – all tickets sold



Golf Day (May 2017, exact date TBC)


RB has received some information from Greenway Hall Golf Club on corporate days. RB to contact and get a couple of dates late June / early July for us to advertise. Discussed getting tropheys etc and making a competition out of the day. RB to then link with Karina to get a poster up on the board,



Discussion around the fact that we may need to ask people to pre-pay for events and activities before purchasing tickets due to club funds.


All agreed that coach travel was becoming expensive and where possible we should either advertise trips with members making their own way, charge more than we have previously for coach travel or shop around for better quotes.


Possible other trips this year:



Discussion around looking for rail tickets to see if we could provide this option cheaper (might not be able to get prices until Aug / Sept). Could ask for members feedback who went on this trip last year to see if rail travel would suit them



Discussion around whether we offer for free still or ask people to pay to go on it. Need to consider as always been free. Discussion point for next meeting


Xmas Panto

Decision made to cancel the Thursday 28th tickets and just offer 100 tickets for Saturday 16th Dec. Advertise August and ask for pre payment as a preferred approach.


Discussion around whether Victoria Hall might have some good nights on which we could look at.




Colleague Feedback / Induction


The slide is ready for the Colleague induction (just needs to be inserted). Ruth, Karina, Lynne & Dave are reviewing induction so we can include this as part of the review.


Mechanism for gathering feedback to be considered (using the tablet etc) – Kev & Mel’s cabinet group to consider as part of their activities to support the club



Currently 114 members


Auditing of the Club

MR has volunteered to support the club by completing this audit next week. PI to send over the spreadsheet and hand files to MR for this to be completed.


Files have been handed over but NB to chase MR to see when the audit can be completed.


Canteen Awareness Stand

The awareness stand went really well in the canteen and all agreed that we should do this more regularly, once a quarter for example. Schedule of dates / times to be put together so they can be diarised.

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