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DHL Sports and Social Club   

Sports & Social Club Committee Meeting 25th September 2017

JKilroe | Published thu Nov 23, 2017 7:53 pm | 883 Views

Date -25th September 2017

Time - 1pm

Location - Meeting Room 1


Neil Blundred (NB) – CI FLM – Chairman

Paula Isteed (PI) – Stock Development Manager – Treasurer

Kevin Rowley (KR) – Warehouse Shift Manager

James Kilroe (JK) – Warehouse FLM

Harry Hardcastle (HH) – Colleague Developer

Neil Moran (NM) – Engineering Colleague

Finance Update

£12.71 in the cash tin


Total monies then in the bank will be £1515.03 with the cash prizes having been allocated to December and vouchers purchased. Paula gave update on 2016 audit that is now completed. NB gave update on progress of new club mandate.


PI will prepare end of year finance report as of 31st December.


Membership Cards / Discounts

Cabinet group have a few restaurants offering discounts waiting on more to reply. Going to start asking hotels, theatres, children’s play areas and businesses next.


Cabinet group to hold meeting to build the discount card process. Results to be presented at next meeting.


NB to chase up cost of membership cards for the discounts & where the cabinet group are up to with the discounts. Engage Neil Buxton ref cost of printing internally vs externally.



Schedule of Events for the rest of the year


Blackpool Trip – 23rd September

9 people did not attend the trip, 36 people attended. Review departure time from Blackpool to ensure time for lights.




London Trip – 18th November

Agreed to offer this as free for members, £10 non-members, £5 children. RB to put a sheet up



Manchester/Birmingham Xmas Market – Comms to access interest to be displayed in chat walk. Proposing train travel for event.




Cabinet group to find us 3 best quotes for coach hire – Quotes provided by cabinet group & were cheaper than equivalent trips in 2016.


Panto – 16th December

137 tickets sold for Panto


Discussed doing something in October maybe Scarefest at Alton Towers – try and gain some cheap tickets.


12 days of Christmas

All agreed to do this again this year as it was so well received last year. We can look out for deals on tablets / electronics / camera’s / experience days etc to have as prizes. Everyone who is a signed up club member by 1st Dec will be in the draw and once someone has won once, their name is taken out.  – PI/NB to arrange meeting to discuss & purchase prizes.



Colleague Feedback / Induction

Section on SSC added to the new induction pack, this is presented by the CI team as part of the induction.



Currently 110 members


Auditing of the Club

Club audit for 2016 now completed by Melanie Rudd. A copy of the audit has been added to the clubs financial records & will be reviewed as part of the next AGM.


Canteen Awareness Stand

Next awareness stands to take place in October & November, promote joining the SSC & the 12 days of Xmas prize draw. Cabinet group to support with the stands.



PI raised that Andy Barker has been to her and asked whether a Crystal Maze trip would be possible. After reviewing this, PI is going back to Andy Barker to ask him for a list of 8 names and the date & time they would like to go and we can then look into this further once we know how many members there are.  PI updated Andy on the prices & details, Colleagues will feedback if they want us to book.


PI raised that Andy Walker has been to her and asked whether a Go-Karting or Paintballing trip could be put on – sheet to go up requesting names to gauge interest. Sheets displayed in various areas of the site, cabinet group to collect & collate names & feedback to the committee.



Date of next meeting 6th November 2017 @ 1pm in Meeting Room 1

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