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Sports & Social Club Committee Meeting 6th November 2017

JKilroe | Published thu Nov 23, 2017 6:55 pm | 880 Views

Date - 6th November 2017

Time - 1pm

Location - Meeting Room 1


Neil Blundred (NB) – CI FLM – Chairman

Paula Isteed (PI) – Stock Development Manager – Treasurer

Ruth Brown (RB) – HRBP - Secretary

Kevin Rowley (KR) – Warehouse Shift Manager

James Kilroe (JK) – Warehouse FLM

Gary Webster (GW) – Warehouse FLM

Rob Bailey (RB2) – Colleague Developer

Finance Update

£12.71 in the cash tin

Total monies then in the bank as at 6th October is £2544.58 but we have spent £786.21 on prizes for the 12 days of Christmas.

We have £100 in the other account still and will need to bank the London trip money when this closes.

Membership Cards / Discounts

The cabinet group have mocked up a sticker which can be used to give to all current Sports & Social Club members to stick on their swipe card to confirm they are a club member. This they can then show to a list of companies who would be willing to give us discounts. Cost of the stickers are £215 +VAT for 500

For dual members they would have a separate card printed up to give to their spouse – would need a photo of spouse for the card to verify ID

All agreed with sticker design and the approach going forward

The cabinet group also have a list of 400 companies which have been researched in terms of location to site and within areas we do regular trips e.g. Blackpool / London – they can be contacted to see if they will offer discount and the list can be updated. Kev

to chunk this out between his team.

Online Portal / Forum

The cabinet group are working to set up an online portal which club members can access to view events, give feedback or suggestions book onto trips, view all the live discounts etc. This was demo’d during the meeting and all thought it looked fantastic.

NB, PI, RB and JK to get together separately to understand what the portal can do, what we want on their and how and who can administer what – date set for 22nd Nov to do this @ 2pm

Schedule of Events for the rest of the year

London Trip – 18th November

39 places sold, 10 spare places. £200 made on sales so far

Manchester/Birmingham Xmas Market

PI explained that Manchester was much cheaper and suggested putting a sheet up with the different dates that good price train tickets could be secured for with people booking on in pairs. We would then buy the tickets, collect from the station and pass onto the individuals. Offer at £10 per pair.

PI to pass the information on to Karina asap so we can get advertised and a booking form drafted.

Panto – 16th December

137 tickets sold for Panto with £1477.50 being made on ticket sales. All tickets issued. Consider advertising in pairs next year as tricky to put everyone together in a seating plan based on number of tickets people are requesting.

12 days of Christmas

Prizes purchased except the vouchers, prizes include non-alcoholic options, tablets, coffee machine, spa days, activity days etc so people still have great variety. RB to ask Karina to support the advertising for us


10 people were interested in that. Package £30pp at Unreal Paintballing. Could offer for £20 each. GW and RB2 to understand best date people want to go and we can book it.


6 people were interested in that. Packages range from £15 pp - £32.50 pp depending on what they want. GW and RB2 to understand the best date for these people to go so we can book it.


Currently 110 members

RB / PI to go through membership list and start to assign a number & separate our dual members to allocate another number.

Canteen Awareness Stand

All thought it would be a good idea to have an awareness stand in the next week or 2 so that we could promote the 12 days of Christmas prize draw and have the prizes on display to attract new members. NB to organise a suitable date and cabinet group to also support with this.

We can also hold a stand in the New Year when we are ready to promote the discounts, membership numbers / stickers / cards & the forum.



NB to chase up what’s happening with the mandate as he has submitted everything they requested. Also need to order a card for NB and PI

Application Forms

JK asked if there was an option to add an email address onto the membership form as we could do with gathering an email address for all members. RB to check and action if not.

Date of next meeting 18th December 2017 @ 1pm in Meeting Room 1


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